The nursery at Sunflower.

The company enjoys more than 23 years of experience in exporting foliage plants, large trees, palms and cut foliage. Our extensive nursery facilities provide an area of 25 hectares with around 100 work – force.

Our products and achievements .

We export large quantities of many varieties of plants by sea & air, mainly to Holland , Japan , Italy , Denmark , Pakistan , Lebanon , Greece and most of the Middle East countries. These plants are meant to be as pot plants and landscape specimens. We specialize in producing high quality plants targeting mainly to the Japanese, Middle East and European markets.

The company takes pride in the specialized fields of root balling and moving large trees. We also export three to four 40ft Sea Freight containers per month.

We specialize in supplying landscaping materials and accessories for projects of different dimensions.

Our company also supplies Tropical flowering trees, shrubs, climbers, cut flowers and foliage.


We have a well trained, skilled work-force led by foreign trained supervisors who had their skills sharpened in the Netherlands .


To be the best landscaping and the exporting company in Sri Lanka and to match the international standards.